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Software testing has made major steps forwards the last years, if only you look at the books that are written and the courses which can be followed. Major steps, where you can wonder if all the knowledge and know how is used by the companies? An answer to that question is difficult because there are no numbers and figures which is the reason why this benchmark was started.

Using this questionnaire we would like to get inside information about the knowledge and know-how of you as a tester in relation to your tasks in your organisation. This relation we have brought together in the motto tester@work.
With this benchmark we gather information on the trends and relations between 'the tester' and his organisation. Quite interesting information because it is unique quantified information on how testing is done in different countries in Europe. This first step is already taken, the benchmark survey was already done in the Netherlands and the results are available to make a comparison with other European countries.

The questionnaire consists of three parts.
Part 1: The first part is about the branch, the size and the industry of the company where you are testing.
Part 2: In the second part we will take a closer look at how testing is performed in the organisation and
Part 3 is about You, the tester working in the organisation.

There will be about 40 questions and it will take about 10 minutes to fill in this questionnaire. In these questions the ISTQB standard terms are used. Using the ISTQB standard, this questionnaire can be used in different countries. Where necessary, definitions of terms will be given to avoid misunderstanding. 

We would like you to fill out the questionnaire according to the situation you are working in at this moment.  Think of the questionnaire  like a snap-shot of your current situation.
This questionnaire is not linked to any commercial organisation. This is to ensure its independency. To further ensure the independency the questionnaire is anonymous.
The results will be issued in 2012 in association with EuroSTAR. This information can also be found on www.softwaretesten.nl and can be found under ‘articles'.

Why fill it in?
A benchmark is a reference point. This reference point can be used by every individual tester to see where he stands compared to his colleagues. If the benchmark is sufficiently filled, at least 300 respondents, it is possible to provide convincing information about the tester in Europe or as the respons per country is high we can draw conclusions for a country. At the end you can draw your own conclusion about  from this for your position and organization, finally you are the tester @ work

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